Boulder Startup Week and Delta Awesome, beyond expectations!

Boulder Startup Week exceeded our expectations in so many ways. For starters, the BSW team nailed it with organization and structure. Events ran smoothly, volunteers were on point, and that sweet feeling of community connection was in the air.

Just a short 14 months ago, Brad and I noticed that there wasn’t a Founder Track at BSW. So, like the quintessential entrepreneurs that we are, we started one! Our first Founder Track in 2018 had 11 panels covering quite the variety of topics. At this year’s event, we nearly tripled our BSW presence with two extra team members (Amy Giggey and Cristin Leimer), organizing 32 events across 4 separate Founder Tracks. Each track represents a different stage of a company from ideation through exit.

Stage 1: Ideate and Research
Stage 2: Launch and Commit
Stage 3: Scale and Stabilize
Stage 4: Real Company/Enterprise Sales/Exit (typically broken into two separate tracks, but collapsed into 1 for BSW).

A total of 1360 audience members attended our panels. Holy moly, it was a whirlwind of pure awesome.

Boulder Startup Week, and the Founder Track specifically, sits near and dear to our hearts because Founder|CEOs are hungry for content that helps them grow and share experiences in this very niche role. Many spaces and places for this group are geared toward specific “how-to’s,” not the Founder|CEO experience at large. However, Founders are at the heart of every startup and the entrepreneurial ecosystem. We truly believe that by taking care of Founders throughout the startup lifecycle, we can decrease the number of startup failures for completely preventable reasons.

To keep momentum from the week going, we will be sharing guest blogs from the panelists and moderators of Founder Track events.

Please share your thoughts and comments! We’d love your ideas on which panels to keep and which to add.

Hannah Taylor
Co-Founder of Delta Awesome

P.S. Yes, we are starting to blog again, for real this time. Now that Delta Awesome has celebrated one year of paying clients , 25 + strategy days, and well over 1,000 hours logged with Founder|CEOs we have some stuff to say “from our experience.” We sincerely hope you tune in to what we are seeing, saying, and seeking help with.

What is a Primary Advisor?

A Primary Advisor (PA) is someone who has been there and done that, multiple times. The PA is a serial entrepreneur who has deep understanding of what it is like to take an idea from the spark of innovation and move it into a fully functioning business. They think like an MBA and have the heart of an entrepreneur. They have experience running (real) companies, and know the pains of normal problems - like first hires, preparing for a board meeting, when to hold on to a strategy and when to pivot. 

In addition to all of their own knowledge and experience, a PA is also very well networked. So, when she/he anticipates a problem on the horizon, she can scan her rolodex for the resources necessary to overcome virtually any obstacle. 

For example, you just hired your 5th employee. The Primary Advisor recognizes this as a state change in the company, suggests an HR review and selects 2-3 vetted vendors to come in to your office anticipating the ‘normal’ and inevitable HR problem. An issue that could hijack many days and many dollars. This is the same with financing vendors, legal advisors, capital strategies, leadership programs and the 1,000 other things experienced entrepreneurs know are vital - but have not time to implement - and first time entrepreneurs frequently do not anticipate. 

Primary Advisors call clients on a weekly basis to check in, make strategic plans, write the quarterly Delta Awesome Equity Review, and ensure that clients have what they need to usher their company through the Good Luck Wasteland.