Tools of the Trade: Neat, Interesting, Compelling

When people are objectively judging you (e.g. public speaking, branding, product …) consider filling out the tool below.

Neat: Means they don’t mind you taking their time or space and forget about you nearly immediately.
Interesting: Begets a lot of enthusiastic discussion and little/no action, possibly the worst option!
Compelling: People use your call to action and nothing gets in their way.

Screen Shot 2019-06-06 at 2.56.43 PM.png

Ask yourself the following questions and answer them from the perspective of the audience or customer.

  1. Is my product (speech, brand, etc.) neat, interesting or compelling?

  2. Is my price neat, interesting or compelling?

  3. Is my promotion of of this speech/brand/product neat, interesting or compelling?

What does this 3x3 box give you? It lets you know where to apply your assets. If you are compelling in your product, I’d be willing to bet that your launch, sales, and/or growth are on track, if not exceptional. So, what needs to be leveled up?

This simple tool is also a great way to frame an internal discussion. Letting different people (optimists, practical pessimists, disgruntled laggards … etc.) debate the truth fully knowing that you are debating purchase intent which is subjective to customers, not objective to internal stakeholders.

We have found that most teams hit 1 or less of these in the compelling category. However, understanding that it is relatively simple to re-deploy the team to identify feature gaps and customer needs, we can add more value to the product or service and get closer the vaunted Compelling.

Enjoy this little tool. And let us know if you have any questions!

Brad Bickerton
Founder & CEO