Coffee & Kind Words

No company is too early for some help.

We believe in Give First and happily extend our help, network, and advice to all those who aspire to greatness.

If you are unable to pay for services, or unable to pay much, please contact us. We have dozens of early stage clients doing awesome work, who just need a little more help.

Examples of Early Stage clients:

  • Accepted to, in, or recent graduates of an accelerator program

  • Less than $300k in investment received

  • Less than $500k in lifetime revenue

Contact us to learn more. We individually design discounts for every company.

Full Client


You're in it. You're making money, you've received money, and you're wondering what to do next.

We introduce the concept of business advice through a 3-6 month on-boarding program where our team learns your team and we work to find the right people to help you out.  We keep this time light on contracts, expectations, and commitments purposefully. You will get:

  • An experienced Primary Advisor (aka master-entrepreneur) to meet with you and your team for 4 + hours in the initial weeks

  • Weekly calls to talk through what you’re experiencing, and how to make it better

  • A Quarterly Strategy Day - which results in a plan for reaching your next milestone and a quarterly review (that you can share with investors or stakeholders)

  • Multiple ad hoc phone calls and emails - As you develop a rapport with our team you will call, email, and text us frequently - this happens all the time

After our 3-6 month on-boarding period, we will evaluate and renegotiate our terms of working together. The goal here is to make sure that you are getting value and we are delivering on our promise. Typically this means maintaining the monthly fee while adding royalties, options, or the like. 

Each deal is unique, each is negotiated carefully to ensure stakeholder alignment and, more than anything, each deal is only agreed to if Delta Awesome believes it can be held publicly to its standard.