The right tools & advice
at the right time.

By bringing in experienced, networked, and influential entrepreneurs
to act as your favorite phone call of the week, we materially change
the outcome potential of your endeavor.  

How it Works

You get a primary advisor whose job is to act as a coach, mentor, and advocate.

We spend 1-2 hours each week with you, working through your problems and
connecting you to the right resources.

Quarterly, you & your Delta Awesome PA will have a strategic planning session.
You will walk away with a company strategic plan, financial plan, people plan,
and the Delta Awesome equity review. 

Your company succeeds. You win.


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As a young entrepreneur I’ve  surrounded myself with many  advisors who provide useful feedback and advice, however Brad does much more than that. He’s a true coach who is willing to run the drills, not just point and shout. He immerses himself in your business and is beyond talented at strategically and critically thinking about the direction and next steps. The best part is he actually works with you on building a step by step plan to get there. He’s one of the smartest and business savvy people I know.

- Santiago Velez, Futsolo

Brad Bickerton is a tremendous person to have inside of the support system that all CEO's must develop. He is honest, available, insightful, and his answers have reason and meaning behind them. The great thing about Brad is that he helps founders that he really believes in and his confidence in those founders in unwavering, which can be all you need to hear when you are at crisis. If Brad Bickerton believes in you then you are probably on the right track and if you aren't sure about that, ask him to help you get there.

- Brandon Spano, BSN Live

"Delta Awesome helped me by providing insights in the companies we worked on that I was unable to see on my own as I was too close to the problems.  The advice and ideas were delivered without judgment.  The results are often clear and concise actionable items, and I always leave those sessions feeling like I know more about my business and customers than before. I found the sessions super helpful and always positive and enlightening."

- Steve Lepper, Good Guy Golf Trips